Veterans have a lot to offer the workplace. They bring with them unique skills, experience, and perspective. Unfortunately, many veterans face barriers to employment. This is especially true for those injured in the line of duty or suffering from PTSD. However, there are organizations and businesses out there that are committed to helping veterans find meaningful employment.


Challenges Veterans Face When Transitioning to Civilian Life

For many veterans, transitioning out of military life and into civilian life can be difficult. Veterans often face a number of challenges as they try to readjust to “normal” life, including readjusting to the workforce and finding meaningful employment. It is important for hiring managers and employers to understand these unique challenges that veterans face when re-entering the job market so that hiring veterans can become a more normalized practice. By hiring veterans and showing support for their hard work and service, we can create an environment where all veterans feel welcomed, accepted, and unafraid to put their best foot forward, no matter how much time has elapsed since their return home from active duty.


How Employers Can Support Veterans in the Workplace

Hiring veterans is an excellent way for employers to invest in the individuals who have risked their lives to protect our nation and its values. Employers prioritizing hiring veterans are showing their respect and appreciation and setting their businesses up for success. Hiring veterans can open the doors to locality hiring incentives that offer attractive financial benefits to employers who employ or recruit veterans as part of an integrated workforce plan. With so many advantages, hiring veterans is a no-brainer for any employer looking to create an innovative and successful business.


Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Business owners who hire veterans gain insight from these experienced team members into the unique challenges and needs of those transitioning from military to civilian life. Veterans who are hiring candidates can bring a wealth of valuable skills, such as strong leadership qualities, problem-solving capabilities, and the ability to work well in teams, that many businesses struggle to find in other candidates. Veterans often receive specialized training within their area of expertise and can use this knowledge to mentor more junior employees. Additionally, hiring veterans helps to support the important task of reintegrating people back into civilian society following their service and helps to build a stronger workforce for the whole economy. Therefore, hiring veterans leads to positive outcomes for employers and their veteran employees.


Skills that Veterans Bring to the Workplace

Veterans possess a unique set of skills that are extremely valuable in the workplace. They have a proven track record of leadership, dedication, discipline, and hard work. Veterans have had experience multitasking on both large and small scales, successfully meeting multiple objectives simultaneously. Hiring veterans can benefit organizations as they have been trained to solve problems quickly and efficiently. They also appreciate diversity, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills, making them creative, flexible, and productive team members. Hiring veterans is a great advantage for any organization or business looking for experienced employees who want to contribute their best efforts toward successful outcomes.


The Importance of Mentorship for Veterans

Being a veteran can leave one feeling isolated and without purpose. Some veterans turn to a mentor as they try to find their footing. A mentor in this context provides guidance and strengthens the individual’s life skills as they transition into civilian life. Mentors who are also veterans are particularly valued, as they can relate to the challenges a veteran faces while transitioning out of the military. Oftentimes, these mentors offer advice on career paths, financial literacy, or even learning coping strategies for dealing with PTSD symptoms. Thus, mentorship plays an invaluable role in helping veterans readjust to everyday life and is an essential part of gaining the necessary skills for personal and professional success after serving in the military.


AList Has the Solutions

As a country, we must remember to support veterans in and out of the workplace. We must understand the tremendous transition they make when leaving their service and thank them for their service by providing employment opportunities that match their unique skill sets. Employers should also recognize the benefit of having veterans on staff; not only are they gifted multi-taskers, but many bring leadership and communication skills acquired in the armed forces. Mentorship is additionally integral to helping bridge the gap between the veteran and civilian worlds, creating lasting professional development bonds. Ultimately, it falls on employers to serve those who have served us so graciously. As such, AList prides itself on being a staffing provider for companies looking to hire veterans because of our commitment to this noble cause. So now more than ever, contact us at AList for superior staffing solutions and employ more of America’s bravest members today!