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At AList we exist to create opportunity – for our clients, our candidates, and each other. Through our internal and external partnerships, we connect great people with great opportunities, helping businesses win and careers soar.  We’re dedicated to providing your business with highly skilled professionals well-matched to your unique hiring needs, for both on-site or remote work.  Whether you’re looking to staff Engineering, Technology, Administrative, General Labor, or Allied Health jobs, we can help you find the right fit for your team. 

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Manually hiring employees is now a waste of time

Millions of businesses around the world agree, in modern times, manually hiring employees is drudgery. Not only is it challenging to find skilled workers on your own, but doing so without professional help is now basically a waste of time. At AList, we are the premier resource for employers looking for workforce solutions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective and innovative solutions to their hiring woes, creating real workforce solutions. We believe in creating positive environments for all employees, ensuring they have the opportunity to thrive and enjoy their work. We offer a variety of talent acquisition opportunities, including less widely offered ones from typical employment agencies like internship and temp to perm. Our versatility and supremely attentive service are what separate us from run-of-the-mill staffing agencies and allow us to be the grade-A staffing solution.

90% of employers rely on staffing agencies

If your current hiring strategy entails collaborating with your hiring manager and basically going out into the dark alone, you are many steps behind the competition. Unanimously, the more cost-effective but also overall effective solution is outsourcing the work to a recruiting agency that can provide vetted and qualified workforce solutions. This is especially the case for small and medium-sized businesses that do not possess the resources to tackle hiring on their own. In fact, a whopping 90% of employers across industries of all sizes use staffing agencies. Also, in a now outdated survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 3 in 4 employers have used staffing agencies to handle their staffing solutions. This shows the insanely rapid growth of recruiting services even in recent years. But it’s not enough to work with just any old staffing agency. At AList, we pride ourselves on offering the greatest workforce solutions by ensuring that all our professionals are vetted to assess their abilities and overall compatibility with their potential employers. It’s these simple yet all-so-important tasks that allow AList to be the greatest employee recruitment solution in Olathe. 

AList hires the most skilled and satisfied employees

AList has a top employee satisfaction rate and ensures that all our employees are allowed to shine in their roles, ensuring great workplace environments and top retention rates. Technical roles like IT interns, engineering interns, and software engineering interns will thrive with AList. We specialize in IT outsourcing and technical fields and offer a plethora of opportunities for you to become a certified professional in your field of choice. Suppose you’re fresh out of college or generally unfamiliar with the interview process. In that case, we will provide interview tips and job interview prep to equip you with the job interview skills to ensure that you have the best chance of landing the role of your dreams. Even manual labor jobs are available with AList. We offer construction staffing for blue-collar businesses as well and ensure that skilled professionals get placed into roles that will allow them to make a difference through their work. 

Top of the line diversity among industries and employee candidates

We specialize in a variety of areas, including Finance & Accounting, Health Information Management, IT – Functional, IT – Design & Development, and Engineering. Our temp agency consists of highly trained professionals who have diverse backgrounds. We are proudly minority-owned and one of the only staffing agencies that employ veterans. Our employee base is composed of professionals in their fields, strong-willed individuals who take pride in their work. We are passionate about forming strong relationships between our clients and employers so that together we can achieve workplace bliss. We understand that each client is unique and requires different workforce solutions to help them succeed. We do our part to meet their needs with cost-effective and innovative solutions that are tailored to each individual situation. At our professional staffing agency, we ensure that employers have positive work environments where employees feel safe and supported. We believe in promoting equality and providing equal opportunities for all of our employees, regardless of their background or identity. We believe disadvantaged people with the skills to excel should have the same chance to succeed.

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If you’re an employer who’s ready to take control of their talent acquisition and finally find real workforce solutions, AList Pros is here and ready to fill your company with vetted and skilled professionals. The switch is so simple you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make it earlier. Just contact us here, or email us at, and we’ll guide you through the process of achieving real business solutions.


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